The Ningaloo Game Fishing Camp Out


Juniors under 16 are free when accompanied with a paying adult.

May 18th-21st  2018

Purchase your tickets here with paypal for $55 per person.

Please book your campsite at Point Billie Ningaloo station (08 9942 5936) before purchasing your ticket

We are offering the major prize to the team with the most tagged billfish. Tagging information and instructional will be held at 7pm on the 17th of May. Any angler can fish in all divisions during the event large boat, small boat, kayak and shore-based. The sports section includes best fish on fly and The ASWB best surface catch.

All proceeds will go to the Owen Francis foundation.

All competitors must follow the rules and regulations of Ningaloo station.

Most importantly we need everyone to follow the rules of the station which Ningaloo station will hand to you as you pay for your sites on entry to the station. Important rules include taking a chemical toilet and taking all your rubbish back with you.

Here are a few things you better bring

  1. Tape measure or bragmat
  2. Pen
  3. Digital camera or smart phone ( to enter your catches)
  4. Garbage bags
  5. Chemical toilet
  6. Safety equipment and UHF radios
  7. Billfish taggers will need a tagpole and rubber bands


When you arrive you must register at the average angler banners. See Damian preferably on Thursday night, You can register at other times and the best time to catch him is when he`s not fishing. Good luck with that!

Fish stories by firelight will be out the front of the Average angler banners. This is a time to tell the tales of the one that did or didn`t get away. Keep up with the latest results with a cold one and chat with the other crew. Make sure you bring a chair.

Billfish Tagging Info night will be held at 7pm on 17/5/18

The competition starts at 7am on Friday 18/5/18 

Please try to enter your captures between 4-5pm Friday to Sunday

Fish stories by firelight 6-830pm Friday to Sunday

Final registrations must be done by 5pm Monday no exceptions

“The Presentation” will be at 6pm Monday

There will be heaps of prizes and givaways


Measure all fish from the fork (middle) of the tail to the nose. Billfish will be measured from the end of the bill to the tail fork. Video or camera evidence is required. Photo dates will be checked. Anyone caught cheating will be used as cray bait.



All anglers can compete for every catch and one fish can win multiple prizes and trophies.

Best junior catch (under 16 on 18/5/18)

Best kayak catch

Best fish on fly

Best shore-based catch

ASWB best fish on the surface (popper or stick-bait)

Longest emperor

Longest mackerel/wahoo

Best deep drop catch

Longest sailfish/spearfish

Longest marlin/Broadbill

The overall best catch

Team prizes ( No trophies)

Most tagged billfish

Best team

For team scores; Every angler that wins a prize/trophy will get 2 points for their team and every angler who gets runner up in the prize/trophy will get 1 point for their team.

Sponsors include

Century 21 Team Brockhurst

Expert Tackle

Geographe camping and tackleworld

ASWB Andos lures

HPA products

Indian Pacific rods

Richter lures

Anglers world Fremantle

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INSALT lures

Abrohlos tackle



Ningaloo 2016 results

This years Ningaloo game fishing campout was the 4th year of the annual event and again was a complete success. This year hosted 58 competitors in 21 boats and 5 kayaks. Everyone was impressed with the yakfishwest team who peddled their kayaks on 25km round trips to fish in over 70m everyday, they were rewarded with plenty of Spanish mackerel and spangled emperor. Harley Kemp had a great year boating a massive 20kg ruby and the biggest red to take out 2 trophies. Damian D’Mello could do know wrong taking out 2 trophies on his kayak and was also taken out by Shane Bowman on the average angler boat to catch a big trophy winning black Marlin only 1 minute before the registration cut off. Louis Wakelin from South Australia from Team “All barred up” took out the best overall catch with a black Marlin that was 2.5 long, Luke Hamon the skipper of “All barred up” had a 6 hour battle with a 200kg plus black on 24kg just the day before the comp and had some crazy photos when he jumped in the water to pose with his capture of lifetime. This fish was the biggest by far seen by anyone over the years around the comp. Team getaway took out the most trophies with the most tagged billfish, best junior, biggest sailfish and best overall team.


Team scores


Team Getaway  7 points

Yakfishwest.   6 points

Me uva half    5 points


Biggest wahoo/mackerel   Rob Mabbot 1.48m wahoo


Biggest Emperor   Harley Kemp

64cm red emperor


Best junior catch   Daniel Jonasson

96cm Mahi Mahi


Best deep drop catch  Harley Kemp

1.05m ruby snapper


Biggest sailfish  James Jonasson

2.65m sailfish


Biggest Marlin  Damian D’Mello

2.5m black marlin


Best shore-based catch  Col Morgan

1.06m long tom


Best kayak catch  Damian D’Mello

1.22m spanish mackerel


Best team: Team Getaway 7 points


Major Trophies


Best overall catch  Louie Wakelin

2.5m black marlin


ASWB Best surface catch  Damian D’Mello

52cm Tuna from a kayak


Most tagged billfish  Team Getaway

2 black marlin, 1 sailfish




Ningaloo game fishing campout 2015 Results


Major Prizes and trophies


Best marlin/billfish from a small boat

Adam Smallridge with a 2.7m sailfish

Team: Sand whiting express

Biggest marlin/broadbill

Adam Shaw 2.37 black marlin

Team: All Bar`d up

ASWB best fish caught on a surface lure

Emily Namik with a shore-based 48cm queenfish on popper

Team: Red can fishing team

Best Catch

Daniel Jonnason with a 1.8m black marlin

Team: Team getaway

Most tagged billfish

Sand whiting express

Best team

Sand whiting express


Other prizes and trophies


Best table fish photo

Harley Kemp with red emperor haul

Team: Me Uva half

2nd best kayak catch

Mark Gardiner with a 35cm red throat emperor

Team: Cuda

Best kayak catch

Mark Gardiner with a 38cm red throat emperor

Team: Cuda

Best shore-based catch

Dave Tencate with a 57cm Golden Trevally

Team: Groper down below

Best junior catch

Daniel Jonasson with a 1.8m black marlin

Team: Team getaway

Best junior of the event

Jaxon Jonasson

Team: Team getaway

Best fish on fly

Levi Zimmerle with a 31cm golden trevally

Team: Red can fishing team

Biggest emperor

Jason Leary with a 73cm red emperor

Team: Treble trouble

Biggest wahoo/mackerel

Bassam oubid with a 134cm wahoo

Team: Stickface

Biggest sailfish/spearfish

Adam Smallridge with a 2.7m sailfish

Team: Sand whiting express

2nd best catch

Rick McMurtie 12kg Ruby snapper

Team: The D team




The Ningaloo game fishing camp out comp results 2014

Photo comp Chris Kable Air-bourne marlin

All fish are measured from the nose to the centre of the tail

Junior Shore-based Sydney Keremelevich 36cm mangrove jack
Junior Best catch Jaxon Jonassan 108cm mahi mahi
Junior Longest fish Jaxon Jonassan 112cm Spanish Mackerel

Shore-based longest fish Rob Mabbot 60cm Giant herring
Shore-Based Best catch Jason Warr 60cm Spanish mackerel

Best fish on Fly Levi Zimmerle 35cm dart
ASWB best top water GT Adam Smallridge 45cm giant trevally

Kayak longest fish Levi Zimmerle 115cm mahi mahi
Kayak best fish Levi Zimmerle 105cm Spanish Mackerel

Overall longest wahoo/Mackerel Bassam Oubid 138cm wahooDamian Bowman The Ningaloo game fishing camp out
Overall longest emperor Glenn Williams 80cm longnose emperor
Overall longest sailfish/spearfish Jason Peters 230cm sailfish
Overall longest marlin/broadbill Glen Buckby 230cm black marlin
Overall best catch Renee Wally 223cm black marlin

Best team Red can fishing team