Owen Francis Foundation

The Owen Francis foundation was developed in 2016 by Damian and Rachael Bowman and the Average Angler fishing adventures. The foundation is concentrating efforts in Sumbawa Indonesia a place which receives little aid.

The Average Angler fishing adventures has always donated 100% of it`s profits for charity up until 2016 and now donates 100% to the Owen Francis foundation. Damian and Rachael have donated 10% of their income to get the foundation going and will continue to do so, we tell everyone this so our supporters know that we are not using funds from The Average Angler in anyway for ourselves.

All funds from the Ningaloo game fishing campout and the salmon sportfish weekender and The Average Angler fishing adventures youtube channel will go towards this foundation which goals are to provide education, medical supplies, food and a support program for poverty striken parts of Sumbawa.