Barramundi Gladstone Qld.


Lake Awoonga Giant Barra

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Lake Awoonga really is a world class fishery. It’s occupants are highly seasoned and the playing level is of an A-grade standard. A fishery with barra of a ‘not so silly’ nature create the pinnacle challenge.


The Charter includes-


An A-Grade Guide, $1000.00 rods and reels and a finesse approach to fishing that will see every angler who chooses to fish, placed in the box seat with advanced opportunity. The rest is up to the individual. Tackle boxes loaded with Johnny’s individually hand-tuned and carefully modified lures are provided to give you the upper hand whilst angling for barramundi. Standard ‘off the shelf lures’ just don’t cut it. Modifications are creative and purposeful; the best lures made available to you.


A fishery where your guide is ten times more tuned to the modern world of barra
and the catch skills required will demonstrate and talk you through techniques
that trick barramundi. If you want to test yourself in the most rewarding barra
fishery in the world, we believe Lake Awoonga holds that key.


To lift a beginner or learning angler to conquer the task is artwork in itself.
It requires 3 things to make it work.


1 -a highly skilled barra angler with Awoonga experience as long as your arm.


2- a patient teacher who is willing to lift client skill levels; and lastly,


3- a client who understands the above and is keen to take on the challenge and
come out a way better angler with a grin from defeating and outsmarting
Australia’s Number 1 Freshwater Sportsfish. 80-110cm fish are very common
captures, with metre long fish being the benchmark angler’s wish for. *130cm
monsters are the apex*.


Your guide will hold hundreds of clues that cannot all be taught in 5 hrs, and
he will fine tune the best points to suit the angler’s skill on the day amongst
nature’s hand of cards. Johnny has a long history with barramundi and is able
to catch them with pin point accuracy, but it is not about that; it is about
lifting a client’s skill level to new margins and having barramundi strike the
client’s lure. Your guide does not fish beside you unless prompted or unless
demonstrating techniques. An Awoonga barramundi charter will improve your
fishing skills so far ahead that if you can catch barra in Awoonga you will be
able to catch barramundi in any barra fishery on the planet; but only if you
choose to listen and act accordingly. A 90+%, all weather, all season charter
success rate exists. From freshwater to saltwater techniques, an Awoonga
charter can be tailored to your needs. Refined teaching skills, tactics and
specific boat placement will have you fishing hard and travelling less. Five
hours of intense casting is enough to steady any keen Awoonga angler and Johnny
will have you doing things with lures you have most probably never done before
or even considered. This will keep you thinking about all of your fishing
interests in other fields and improve you as an overall angler. A fishing
guide, consultant, and barra technician; Johnny Mitchell will have you
re-programmed by charter’s end. As the lake’s fishing environments are
constantly evolving, a switched on guide will drive the cutting edge of new
developments in fishing, tackle and techniques. Anyone that rests will quickly
be left behind by its revolution. Some exceptional, world class fishing guides
operate along the Queensland coast; masters of their trade. Successful charter
fishing is a profession that steps well above ‘just wetting a line’.


Top shelf, user friendly, digitally controlled overhead and spinning reels as well
as high grade fishing rods form part of the on board fishing gear handpicked
and supplied for use on charter. The latest in modern depth sounder and sonar
equipment is fitted to the vessel and the world beneath Lake Awoonga is
highlighted before your very eyes. Sounder interpretation can be fully
explained by your guide if required. Johnny carries a digital camera and any
photos of special events can be e-mailed back to you as reminders of the
occasion. Cold drinks and nibblies are supplied on charter, so all you need to
bring with you is personal belongings, a smile and a positive adventurous
attitude. Casting lures and learning the art of lure casting for ‘barra’ is the
aim and highlight of the day. Trolling can be catered for, yet more emphasis is
placed on the art of cast and retrieve lure fishing. The most common charters
begin after lunch time and carry on toward sunset. Twilight is a very beautiful
time on the lake and can be a great time to catch big barra. Depending on the
time of the year, charter departures can vary from early morning, mid morning
or lunch time starts. Night time fishing charters around the full moon can be
catered for, in favour of the more experienced angler or the more adventurous
fisherman. Intended to accommodate for 1 or 2 anglers plus your guide, the
charter becomes a very personal and informative time on the water.


How Much?


Single Day; All Inclusive Trips; 5 hours on the


2 anglers – $375.00 per person.


1 angler – $385.00 per person


All Inclusive; Extended Charters


*(extended charters allow expanded learning, and maximise angler catch


*2 Days *


2 anglers – $750.00 per person.


1 angler – $770.00 per person.


*3 Days ( *discounted rate for 2 anglers)


*2 anglers – $1050.00 per person.


1 angler – $1150.00 per person.


Groups of 3 or 4 can be catered for with an angler rotation system that


works best over extended hours or a 2 day period.*


Lake Awoonga has earned its reputation as a barramundi fishing
Mecca. Over 3 million fingerlings have been released over a 12 and a half year
period creating a truly sensational, yet equally challenging barramundi fishing


Lake Awoonga’s environment is a picture perfect habitat for barra, allowing
massive growth rates of up to 4 kilograms per year. Australia’s most premier
freshwater sports fish, the barramundi have been captured in Johnny’s boat in
Lake Awoonga at over 32 kilograms, and barra even larger have been hooked. The
maximum size range has not yet been discovered, but fish of over 40 kg in the
coming years are still possibilities.


Barramundi over 20 kg are very common in Lake Awoonga, with many landed at this
size and bigger. A small fish is around 5 to 6 kilograms; with the chances of
hooking any sized fish from small to extra large being highly possible.
Successful stocking years has formed an ultimate barramundi fishery in an
eye-catching, soothing and scenic environment. Nestled amongst the backdrop of
Mount Castletower and meandering through the upper reaches of the fertile Boyne
Valley, Lake Awoonga is a large body of freshwater, approximately 25 kilometres
from the coastline of Gladstone.


Barramundi can be captured during all 12 months of the year at Awoonga and
specialist techniques are required throughout the four seasons to best amplify
your likelihood of prime fishing. Shallow and mid-water lure casting, daytime
deepwater casting, surface fishing, open water and deepwater casting, jigging
or trolling are all possible options whilst chasing Awoonga’s well conditioned
barra. Daytime and night time opportunities do exist, and barramundi can be
landed within all the 24hrs of a day which opens doors for visitors and charter
anglers. Charters operate all 12 months of the year.


Luring for barramundi is an adrenalin rushing and exciting form of fishing that
is suitable to both men and women of all ages. 80 yr olds have successfully
landed barramundi on Johnny’s charters. Barramundi of 63 and nearly 70 pounds
have been landed on charter by a woman over 60 yrs old, and several retirees have
also cracked the 60 pound mark, so age is certainly no barrier. Children,
Women, Men and Grand Parents have caught fish over 100 cm long on Johnny’s
charters. Personalised guided charter fishing is designed to help individuals
reach personal goals. The self satisfaction attached to luring and landing a
barramundi is what sets this style of fishing alight.


The supplied barramundi fishing gear is very efficient, user friendly, finely
tuned and especially easy to use. Casting accuracy is not an issue. On board
luring and fishing techniques are finetuned by your guide, and extra tuition is
offered to maximize your chances of stirring a strike from the lake’s often
responsive barra. Experience is a good teacher.


Johnny Mitchell is Lake Awoonga’s highly requested barramundi fishing guide.
Born and bred in Gladstone, the mothering town of Lake Awoonga, Johnny is
highly dedicated to studying barramundi behaviour, and is a very successful
angler in many fields of fishing, the envy of many in his local district. He
has completed many chapters in the barramundi world which includes 22 yrs of
saltwater barramundi fishing from the Northern Territory to Gladstone, as well
as having almost 13 years of impoundment barramundi fishing experience,
documented and recorded. Having interacted every year with Lake Awoonga’s
barramundi and closely micro scoping the fishery’s lifelong progression is a
distinct and obvious advantage that quietly sets Johnny years ahead of any
would be competitor. To look back, without a word of want, it’s satisfying to
watch newcomers now marvel in his foot prints, the same thing Johnny did when
taking the ball from history’s past greats.


Capturing and providing many of the wild saltwater barramundi and mangrove jack
brood stock for the local Gladstone fish hatchery to use, to help stock Lake
Awoonga over a decade ago is just part of a low key style that he adopts.
Johnny is an impoundment barramundi specialist and an extremist when it comes
to saltwater barramundi fishing with annual barramundi captures between 29 and
38 kilograms over the last 16 years in local salt waters. He quietly avoids all
barramundi competitions, instead spending further time in the field learning,
or guiding clients. An experienced and versatile angler, yet not one to usually
talk it up, but a short, intense annual effort in Australia’s largest
recreational saltwater fishing competition has seen Johnny’s skills set records
with the two largest fish to ever hit the scales in over ten years of the
competition’s history. Forming a team with close friends, the competition’s two
record Spanish mackerel captures and record black spot tusk fish still rest as
unsurpassed, down played achievements.


Adding personal finesse to lure fishing techniques is where Johnny has gained
the uncanny ability to fool barramundi on a wide selection of lure types on a
365 day playing field, salt and fresh water. A big box of tricks to tempt
barramundi exaggerates the reason why there is no individual gun technique.
Every luring technique is crafted to suit a specific situation, season, or


 The Charter Fishing Boat – ‘Still Cruisin’


At approximately 4.5metres, Johnny’s locally built barramundi fishing boat
‘Still Cruisin’ is purpose designed and specifically suited to lure casting or
fly fishing Lake Awoonga.


Over 570 clients were last year serviced by this vessel and in its life time
over 10,000 barramundi have touched its decks.


Powered by an especially reliable and quiet 50 horsepower, four-stroke Yamaha
outboard and fitted with two 55lb Minn Kota electric motors, ‘Still Cruisin’ is
suited to both, the comfortable travelling of the lake, and also for the silent
and stealthy approaches required whilst in fishing mode. Equipped with modern
sonar and fish finding equipment, your vessel becomes a highly appreciated tool
of the trade which will benefit you when in search and targeting Awoonga’s
mighty barramundi.


‘Still Cruisin’ is a neat, well presented vessel, totally suited for a Lake
Awoonga adventure. The hull is all constructed from 4mm plate aluminium, and
extra positive buoyancy foam has been fitted to make it an extremely strong,
safe and very trusting fishing and boating platform. Angler comfort is a
priority on charter, and your experienced guide will maintain a high level of
boat handling skills to maximize your comfort levels during fishing and travel


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