Australian Kayak Fishing Championships

Damian9The first Annual Australian championships will run in 2018 in Exmouth Western Australia in August from the 2nd to the 5th. The Average Angler will be apart of the organising with help from the best kayak competition organisers across the country.

This is a part of the Panama world championships and the winner of this event will qualify to the 12 man final to compete for $10,000US and to be crowned world champ.

The winner of this event will win an all expenses trip to the Panama world championship, This includes flights, accommodation, kayak hire for the event and even food and beer at the Los Buzos resort.

We are working towards helping interstaters with kayak hire or courier and lower entry fees due to the distance to travel. A qualifier for this event is also due to be announced for March 2018 in Qld.

Exmouth game fishing club will be supporting this event and weigh ins, info nights and the presentations will be held at the Exmouth game fishing clubhouse.

Exmouth is the perfect location for offshore sport fishing from a kayak with access to Marlin and sailfish within 5km from shore and plenty of other great fishing in close protected waters.

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Entry fees are half price for non WA residents

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Scoring:(version 1 maybe subject to change)


The overall winner will be determined by the most accumulated points during three chosen days – selected by the angler, prior to start time for each day, from 4 available days during the competition.


Points are awarded for both tag and release species and weigh-in species.


Tag and Release Species
Giant trevally and other large trevally (over 80 cm) 30 points
Trevally 60cm-80cm 10 points
Queenfish over 90cm 15 points
Trevally and queenfish (are to be measured to the fork Middle of the tail)
Sailfish 100 points
Black/Striped marlin 200 points
Blue marlin/Broadbill swordfish 300 points
Weighed Species – Top 5 fish over 2kg minimum weight limit, from both pelagic and demersal


Weighed species (all are 1 point per KG) include
All emperor, tropical snappers and sea perch, baldchin groper/bluebone/tuskfish, jobfish, all cods including bass grouper, red bass all trout, pearl perch, queenfish, mangrove jack/fingermark, amberjack, cobia, gemfish, all tuna, all mackerel and wahoo, mahi mahi.


All rules and regulations from fisheries WA must be adhered to.


The grand prize is calculated by total weight points (top 5 fish over 2kg only) plus the total catch and release points for the three selected fishing days for each angler.

All Catch and Release species must to be hooked, reeled in, and the leader must be touched by the angler with fish and leader captured clearly on video before receiving any assistance from a boat or other kayaker. Once legally brought to leader and documented for competition purposes anglers will be allowed to utilize assist boats for safely dehooking, reviving, and releasing any billfish species or Trophy Size giant trevally.


The angler must choose three qualifying fishing days from the 4 days available. Fishing days must be declared prior to the specified launch time for each day. Anglers can pre-fish or scout fish on non-qualifying days.


Anglers have the option of launching from any beach between Yardie creek and the most southern point of the Exmouth gulf. Any use of a mother ship will result in disqualification.


Weigh in will start at 4:00pm each day, and the final presentation will take place Sunday the 5th of August at 6:30pm at Exmouth game fishing club.


Each angler must hook, reel in, and land each fish completely unassisted.


Sharing equipment (rods, tackle, gaff, etc.) is allowed only before a fish has been hooked.

All kayaks must have all safety gear including PDF and a VHF radio is highly recommended.


Each angler must carry their fish on their own power back to the beach and all fish presented to the weigh-in must be in fresh edible condition. All fish must be hooked and landed using a rod and reel. All infractions will result in disqualification from the competition
All anglers are expected to show a high level of courtesy, sportsmanship, and regard for safety. Any angler who blatantly ignores these rules may be disqualified and may not be welcomed to compete in future events.